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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wonderful You

Wonderful You: An Adoption Story by Lauren McLaughlin, illustrated by Meilo So is a lovely, sweet story of adoption and love.  The birth mother looks for just the right couple for her child and the adoptive parents long for a child.  The parents come together to make the decision for adoption and it's a win-win situation. What child wouldn't want to be read this story of how they were born and became a family? 
I know as I grew up an adopted daughter I loved to be told how I was chosen and picked out and made to feel loved. This story will do the same for any child, adopted or not. I think what I like most is how the birth mother is portrayed as being thoughtful and carefully considering who will be the parents of her child. It's just not the "Oh, I have to give my child away," syndrome, it's a deliberate approach to a serious deed that will affect her precious child forever.  It gave me goosebumps and made me take a deep, tearful sigh.  Being adopted, I've thought of this many times and I know deep in my heart that consideration was heartbreaking for my birth mother. Even though I've never met her and don't know who she is, I know it.  It brought all the feelings. 
The art is watercolors mixed with drawing ink.  They are vibrant and warm and so luscious.  They match perfectly with the story. Thoughtful, calming blues as the birth mother contemplates her decision. Turning to brighter, joyful pinks and then rainbow hues as the family grows together.  We see them season after season, year after year with the birth mother looking on happy that her child is carefree and loved with her adopted parents. 
I'll use this in a Preschool Storytime and in Kindergarten to Second grade groups.  I'll recommend it to parents and children for its warmth and wonderful family vibe.
Wonderful You is will be published on April 25th by Random House Books for Young Readers. Their website is here.

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