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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fun and New

5 Little Ducks by Denise Fleming gives a new twist on an old song.  Featuring her famous pulp paper painting, this new story follows the 5 little ducks as they wander around their neighborhood.
But pay close attention, Papa Duck is not far away.  Young ones will love to spy Papa as he keeps an eye on his precious little ones.
The eye-catching pictures spring to life with vibrant color.  The textures explode off the page.  When the ducklings hike through the woods you can almost touch the roughness of the bark of the trees; as they roam between the paddock and the fields you sense you should be able to smell the flowers blooming there; and when they are sloshing in that mud with the pigs it seems like you should be able to feel and smell the squishiness and earthiness for yourself.
Papa Duck calls the babies back at the end, but Mama Duck in her wisdom declares a day of rest on Sunday.  
For the Preschoolers and Kindergarten groups this is the perfect story to learn how to follow a narrative.  It follows the days of the week and maps out a neighborhood.  
Mama Duck fondly reminds me of McCloskey's Mama Duck.   There is a two page spread at the back that tells more information on a few featured animals that the 5 little ducks encounter along their adventure.  This encourages more non-fiction interaction with caregivers and children. 

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