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Friday, January 13, 2017

Double Duty

Under Water; Under Earth by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski is an amazing book about about underground exploring and under the water discoveries. You start on one side and read to the middle and flip it over and start on the other side.  It's amazingly fun and full of facts.
The illustrations begin on paper but are transferred to computer and color added.  The life that is depicted on the pages seem to jump off and explain themselves.  It's a wonderful expedition into the dirt and wet areas of the world to see what lies beneath.  There are charts and drawings, questions and explanations, diagrams and layers that unfurl with each page turn to reveal more information and tidbits of data.
These titles, or this book is fascinating and will bring your child or student back for more again and again to pour over another page to find one more bit of info that they may have missed.  It's oversized just right to fit on the top of a desk or lap and ready to draw you in. 
I'll use this book with all ages because of its appeal and ability to capture your interest.  I would just use less and smaller pieces with younger groups.  Leave plenty of time for kids to look at it themselves.

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