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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I started November Storytimes with a general 'family' theme.
 I began with  A Family is A Family is A Family by Sara O’ Leary, illustrated by Qin Leng.  This new book is wonderfully detailed in how different and how alike families can be.  It begins when a teacher asks her class to share and one student begins to worry that her family will be just too different.  Don't we all think our family is just too weird?  
After reading this I shared with my group that I was adopted and that felt extra strange sometimes too. 
We then read Cat on the Bus by Aram Kim. This book has few words but the children were quite attentive while I showed the pictures and read.  Children are empathetic towards what is going to happen to the cat.  We discussed at the end that now the cat has a new family.

Our last book was  Together by Emma Dodd, all the wonderful things this parent and child sea otter family do together throughout the day.  It's simple and shiny and a sweet read .  

Our Preschool Storytime focus was on reading together with the Early Literacy skill of reading.  We talked about finding a special place to share books, a special time, and being sure to talk with our children about what we read together and getting our children to discuss their ideas.
I like to share new books that show the world to our children with love and acceptance.  To help our children to learn about their world with playing, singing, writing, reading, and talking.

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