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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Red Riding Hoods

Little Red Gliding Hood by Tara Lazar, pictures by Troy Cummings is a splendid addition to the Red Riding Hood variants.  Little Red couldn't imagine no more visits to grandma's but with these worn-in worn-out skates she just might not make it down the frozen river one more time. Luckily for her there's a skating competition with brand-new skates as the prize! But Little Red needs a partner.
Cummings abbreviated version of his process is:
1. Quick thumbnail sketch in pencil.
2. Larger pencil sketch.
3. Then I move to digital — I block in the color in Adobe Illustrator, as a bunch of loose shapes.
4. I bring the shapes into photoshop, where I paint in all the details and textures.
I love the vibrant color palette he uses and all the different fairy tale and Mother Goose Characters in the story.
Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion by Alex T. Smith is set in the African savanna. Little Red has a friendly goat that hangs around, she leaves to visit Auntie Rosie to bring her spot medicine and she out-wits this oh-not-so-terrifying lion quite easily. I am in love with the lion's new hair-do; drawn in by the humongous, disgusting mouth; and was brought to tears by the lovely pink-bowed dress that Little Red tricked the Lion into.  This version of Little Red Riding Hood is marvelous! The textures in the illustrations along with the colors are wonderfully warm and inviting.
I shared these two stories with First and Second graders last week and they loved them both!

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