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Monday, September 12, 2016

Animal Planet

Two beautiful books by Laaren Brown out last year came to my notice.  Polar Animals and Ocean Animals in a series called Animal Bites from Time Inc. Books/Liberty Street.  I saw the paperback versions. 
Both are chock full of amazing photos of their designated animals and their habitats.  
Ocean Animals gives you bite-sized information about many animals.  I love the wonderful photos, but it also has tid-bits of info around a picture that points out particular features on an animal. There is a section called "Info Bites" that give the name, type of animal, home, and size along with size comparison so we can see how large or small each animal is.  For example the whale shark is as big as a school bus, that is background knowledge kids have and can use to compare.  Also within the Info Bites is a global map that shows the range where the animal lives.

As with Ocean Animals, Polar Animals has a table to show how to use the book, a table of contents, an activity page, resources, glossary, index, and photo credit page. Besides a page for different animals, where they live, how they live, and a big data section, there's also pages called vistas that have two page spreads that encompass a huge area of where the animal lives. There is an animal gallery to compare similarities and differences, and a 'Just Like Me' area where you can compare how this animal is like humans. 
These non-fiction books will be used so much at my library because of those gorgeous photos and the small bites of information.  This way children can learn a little about a lot of different animals.  If they want to learn more there are other books on just one animal that they can go to next. Because of the their ease of use I'd use these with Preschool and older, up to middle school age.  They have something for everyone.

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