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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pipsie Nature Detective: The Lunchnapper

Pipsie is back with a new caper in Pipsie Nature Detective: The Lunchnapper by Rick DeDonato, illustrated by Tracy Bishop.  Pipsie's a sweet youngster that loves a good mystery.  Along with her turtle friend, Alfred, she solves this new case while going on a field trip that takes them on a nature scavenger hunt in the woods.  Alfred and Pipsie are out to find the 7 Wonder of Nature! 

1. An animals home
2. Animal tracks
3. A sign that an animal was here!
4. Something crawling
5. Something flying
6. Something swimming
7. Your favorite wonder

The each person in the group takes a buddy and they're off and hunting. But before they even get to their first wonder their lunch goes missing.  We have a scavenger hunt and a mystery to solve. 

The art looks like watercolors, but I suspect that it has a bit of digital help.  I like the different perspectives we see in the woods with a bird's eye view, the beaver's lodge cutaway look, and the thought balloon with Pipsie thinking about the porcupine's quill and connecting it to #3 on her list. 

I applaud the use of writing in this book that can help children relate an activity to writing or recording their ideas. It brings together science, writing, physical activity, discovery, and imagination as Pipsie has to use her brain to think about what animal the tracks are from, what kind of animal home she sees, and so many different aspects of nature and how forms her thoughts.

I have plans to use this book this summer with my Camp Library program and the previous Pipsie book about the Disappearing Caterpillar.  They'll both be great introduction books to fun topics to get the kids started.  We don't have a woods around us, but we can adapt it for our area and find what we can.

I think this title will best be used with Kindergarten through 2nd grade students and I'll recommend it to teachers and parents as well.

Find lots of fantastic Pipsie printables, games, and information at her website, here, and a downloadable kit, here.

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