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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Just in Time for Spring Training!

Two new baseball books published today by Sports Illustrated Kids are Baseball Then to Wow! and My First Book of Baseball.  They are both excellent books geared for two different age groups.
My First Book of Baseball is a Rookie Reader for the new reader.  The text is larger and some words are enhanced so they look like they are hand lettered and huge. There are smaller talk balloons for the players, so kids will be drawn in to read more around the page.  This helps children with short attention spans to roam around the page and find more interest. This title takes you through a game and takes on all the basics featuring many contemporary players in the photos. The student reading this book will learn vocabulary and lots of rules of the game.  The commentary of the books sounds like an announcer giving us play-by-play of a game we're watching.  This beginning reader book has tons of actions, bright photos with drawings and incorporates exciting word use, just right for your new reader.
Baseball Then to Wow! is for an older reader, third to sixth grade.  The editors of Sports Illustrated Kids did a great job grabbing your attention from the first.  There is an old 1854 baseball on the left and on the right side spread a brand new baseball, great comparison. It's set up with chapters: The Basics, The Players, Play Ball! and Fan-tastic!  It covers the history, the teams, the equipment, with drawings and photos, and a great deal of information bits about players that had specialties. It spotlights managers and staff, The Negro League, Girls League, Minor Leagues, and teams that have been leaders.  It goes on to share about food and other items that been names after players, baseball cards, and various other game day memorabilia.  What a fun book!
I enjoyed both of these books tremendously and will be able to recommend them to patrons when they come in looking for more info on America's favorite pastime.

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