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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ninja Bunny!

Storytime Today...

What is a ninja? What is a bunny? What is a ninja bunny? We’ll find out with this book.

Ninja Bunny by Jennifer Gray Olson

Our conclusion was that these bunnies need to write their own ninja bunny book with new rules, because the rules in the book this bunny read just didn't work for him or her.

The Goldfish song from Laurie Berkner Band’s greatest hits

Bear and Bunny by Daniel Pinkwater


Will You Be My Friend? By Nancy Tafuri

Both of these books are such sweet stories about friends.  I'll have to work in the Bear and Bunny book sometime because I haven't used it for Storytime before.  I love Will Hillenbrand's art and I love the whole "kitty" response to the frog in the story.

Buzz Buzz Buzz from Laurie Berkner Band’s greatest hits

Talk & Science
What is different and new about Spring? What is happening and changing? 

Sing and Shake
Shaker songs

Some songs have interesting words that we would not hear in normal conversation with young children, so they are also building vocabulary.*

Pick out a board book from the boxes we have - I pull out 3 or 4 of our boxes with board books and have the kids 'read' with each other and with an adult they come with.  Nothing like getting books in kids hands to get them excited about books.

Take Home Connection & Craft
·       Bunny Ears to color and cut out
·       Bunny and egg dot to dot

Background Knowledge
When you add new words and information to conversations with your children, you are developing their vocabulary and background knowledge.*
More Bunny books
Don’t Play with your Food! By Bob Shea
Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes
No More Cuddles by Jane Chapman
Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors by Lisa McCue
Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na

What Noise Does a Rabbit Make? By Carrie Weston

So the above WAS my plan, but of course kids change that.  One of the children asked to read Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors by Lisa McCue, we read that first.  Then we read Ninja Bunny, and then they asked for Don’t Play with your Food! By Bob Shea.
So it pays to have lots of different books, to have a plan, and to divert from the plan as the kids want to.  If they want to read a different book than what I have planned, but one that is already setting out, then I have kinda planned it because I brought it out and put it on display and thought they might like it.  
For Ninja Bunny, I had the children make space between each other so we could practice the ninja moves.  No need to hurt each other. 

*all of the italicized early literacy asides are from Saroj Ghoting website. She has a boatload of great resources for asides for Storytime or elevator talks with staff.

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