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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Night Animals

Storytime today was all about nocturnal animals and nightime.
We started off with our favorite "Happy" with Pharrell Williams and went right into The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson, illustrated by Beth Krommes. I have quite a young group coming to Storytime so I have the children act out being the bird, singing, flying, and moving around during the story, because they have to move anyway.
Then we sang The Goldfish by Laurie Berkner,
We talked and tied into background knowledge with these questions:
Do you know what they call animals that are active at night?  Yes! Nocturnal. Can you name some of them?  Opossums, cats, bats, and more, we’ll read about some in this book:                        
Night Animals by Gianna Marino

After reading we did the Diurnal/Nocturnal Sorting Game, I found it on Pinterest, here.  I put the categories on paper and have the children come up and add it to the right category.  Of course, help them as needed.

I found a nice classic book tie in with Goodnight, Goodnight by Eve Rice; it's very similar to The House in the Night.

The ‘Dewey’ classification for nocturnal animals is 591.518, there are tons of great books in the children’s section about animals that are active at night.  Browse and pick one that’s best for your family.  I shared with the caregivers about finding books about nocturnal animals, I showed Daylight Starlight Wildlife by Wendell Minor and how to look on the side of the book for it's 'address'.    I showed two or three pages of animals that we hadn't covered with our Sorting game.

We didn't get to The Night World by Mordicai Gerstein, which is one of the major reasons why I wanted to pick this 'Nighttime' topic.  So I will be sure to add that to another day. 

We handed out shakers and played Shake & Stop, Up So High from Kids Make Music & Buzz Buzz Buzz by Laurie Berkner.  

They kids brought their shakers up and when they handed in a shaker, they took a board book from one of these sets:
Time for Bed by Mem Fox 
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star As told and illustrated by Iza Trapani

I read aloud both books, and the littler ones wandered off and played some, but I always let the caregivers know that that is perfectly OK at their age.  I let one or two kids sit with from time to time and read together.  One of the other daycare teachers read the books aloud with me, which had a nice impromptu chant like feel to it.

I had these papers  read for caregivers to take with them:
·        Diurnal/Nocturnal Sort
·        Letter N writing sheet
·        Storytime agenda

Another cool idea I found on Pinterest was found, here.  I'll keep this idea for when we can go outside. Today was not that day. Happy Reading!

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