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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

I Love My Hat by Douglas Florian, illustrated by Paige Keiser is a rhyming, animal songfest.  Farmer Brown is headed to town, he meets calico cat wearing a hat, who starts singing about how much he loves his hat.  This reminds me of Pete the Cat with it's rhyming and singing simplicity. The story continues as Farmer Brown keeps heading to town and meets many other animals along the way. We rhyme mouse with blouse, goat and coat, as well as shoes and caribou, learning to rhyme an animal with a piece of clothing.
The illustrations were rendered in watercolors, brush and ink, and pastel on soft press watercolor paper. I love the drawings, line work and the impish personalities of the animals. 
I'll use this title with PreK to First graders.  I really look forward to using it in Storytime.

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