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Monday, March 23, 2015

Marvelous Monday

Wing Wing Brothers Geometry Palooza by Ethan Long is three stories that include using geometry to tell the stories.  First we have the Wing Wing Brothers getting blown out of a cannon.  The story is about using relative position to figure out how to make them go through the flaming hoop instead of landing in front of the circle or behind it or beside it.  It doesn't go into how to get the brother through the hoop by positioning the cannon better, but maybe it's meant to have a teacher explain that.
The second story is using a shape to make a bigger shape, like adding two triangles to make a square.  This one is more self-explanatory, or maybe my little pea brain just understands it better. The third story is taking a rectangle and cutting it up into 2 and 4 equal parts.  
Throughout Ethan's comical art brings out the humor while teaching geometry.  The artwork was created with black Prismacolor pencils on bristol board and colored digitally on a Mac.
This title also states that it follows the common core state standards, which may or may not be quite appealing to some teachers and parents, depending on your side of the common core argument.  Myself, I believe that any book that backs up what will help teach any subject is good, common core or not. I'll use this with Kindergarten and First grade students, and maybe an older group of Preschoolers.

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