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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Special Delivery written by Philip C. Stead, illustrated by Matthew Cordell is an adventure story.  Sadie must get this elephant to her Great Aunt Josephine, who lives mostly alone. Sadie is determined, she perseveres, she is quite persistent.  They travel by plane, alligator, train, and ice cream truck.
The journey is ludicrous but hilarious.  Monkeys drive the train, they become bandits and the adults in the story just go along with everything.  I so love this story.  Kids are going to eat it up!
The artwork for this book was created using pen and ink with watercolor.  This is a Philip C. Stead for sure, it wanders all over and like an Agatha Christie novel, I'm never sure where it's going and where it's going to land, but I love it along the way and when it gets there.  I love Matthew's line work and watercolor.  The words as part of art are marvelous. 
I'll use this title with PreK to 2nd grade.  With the PreK, I think the older four to five year-olds will appreciate more. 

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