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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

A Lullaby for Little One by Dawn Casey, illustrated by Charles Fuge is such a sweet story.  Daddy Rabbit takes Little One out to play before bedtime and they they have a fun romp in the meadow.  They meet their friends, race, chase, and run. They splash, play peek-a-boo, dance and sing, until Little One gets too tired.  Daddy Rabbit carries him/her back hugging and humming and they snuggle down for sweet dreams.
The illustrations were done in watercolors and there is a good mix of background washes of sky and nature with foreground details and bolder colors.  The animals are very realistically done.  The background washes give a terrific overall evening setting sun feeling as the animals cavort and play.  We see the foreground plants, bugs, and friends with up close precision.
I'll use this title with my Toddlerpalooza program and with Preschool Storytime.

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