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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thrilling Thursday

Once Upon An Alphabet: Short Stories for all the Letters by Oliver Jeffers is like no other alphabet book I've ever read.  Each letter has a short 2-4 pages story about each letter and its designated characters, almost like a chapter book, but it's a picture book.  The stories are not really related, well a few are.
It's such a new and excellent way to do an alphabet book, honestly it threw me for a loop at first.  
The art for this book was made with ink on paper with a few spot colors for each letter added digitally.  The art is delightful, with great kid appeal.  The stories are hilarious, also with great kid appeal.  I'm not sure how memorable they will be for the alphabet and helping learn the sounds, but they are terrific stories and great fun.
I'm looking forward to using this book with preschools and Kindergarten classes to see how it works.  I have high hopes for it.

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