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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thrilling Thursday

Blizzard by Caldecott honoree John Rocco is freezing fantastic. This is his story about the blizzard of '78.  I remember the blizzard of '78, not in Rhode Island, but in Indiana, which didn't get quite 4 feet like there, but a good three feet.  My experience wasn't nearly as heroic as his, but I do remember it fondly.  
The artwork for this book was created using pencil, watercolor, and digital painting.  The art is rich with color and personality. I love the white space, the big fold out map of the neighborhood, and the way he incorporates the day of the week into the pictures.  
I know I have a personal connection to this story, I lived through a version of it, but I think that just enhances the telling of it.  When sharing this with kids, they love that you are sharing something that is true for you.  And you can add to the story.  The children will be able to relate to the story in any part of the country that gets snow. And in other parts, they'll love the exotic idea of getting snowed in for a week. I bought this book for my niece so my brother could share this story with her.  I know it will be a great moment for them to be able to share some history together.

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