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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

Shh! We Have A Plan by Chris Haughton is a cumulative story.  4 friends are looking for something. They find a bird and have a plan to catch it.  They have a net, but I'm not sure if they are hunters or kids, or what.  Either way, the students I read this to loved how the littlest kept giving the hunt away to the bird and the other 3 failed to capture the bird.
The art was digitally created with vibrant color, mostly hues of blue with beautiful splashes of red, oranges, greens, and pinks. We're obviously hunting at night with the whites of the eyes and the moon.  The art and story help build suspense, which makes this such a great read aloud.
I've used this with Preschool to 2nd grade. This will be a good book to use with prediction.  You can readily tell the setting and plot, so those will be good for classroom use also.

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