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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

Take Away the A: An Alphabeast of a Book! by Michael Escoffier, illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo is a new take on the alphabet book. What an amusing pun of a book.  I love the way this author's mind works.  For example: "Without the "G" the glove falls in love." And the picture shows a glove - in love with an octopus, so cute. 
The illustrations are done in mixed media. Kris says that she always starts with pencil and paper but then she puts everything together digitally.  You just can't beat being able to make the quick changes the way you can by scanning everything in and tweaking.  She'd love to make everything the traditional way but it's a bit by bit building process with the computer.  There's a enormous connection between the writing and art in this book.  These two have a knack for humor and it comes through with both parts of the book.
I'll use this book with Kindergarten  to 3rd grade students, even older if they are ELL students.  This is such a clever way to play with the alphabet and teach it at the same time.

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