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Monday, January 19, 2015

Marvelous Monday

If You Were a Dog by Jamie A. Swenson, pictures by Chris Raschka is a preschoolers 'act out' story delight.  The first performance is being a dog, then a cat, fish, bird, bug, frog, and even a dinosaur, but of course, ends with being a kid because a kid can pretend to be all those.
The watercolor art is jam packed with action. Each animal breed within the type has a personality. I like the bugs, frogs, and dinosaurs best.  When I read this with Kindergarteners they absolutely loved this book!  They wanted me to read it again and of course some of them could not sit still during the reading.
This title is perfect for preschool and Kindergarten.  There is lots of sounds, noises, motion, and life in this book. It's a must read and keeper for anytime you need a book when the Storytime kids need to wiggle.

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