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Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art by Barb Rosenstock, illustrated by Mary GrandPre is a fascinating read.  I was enchanted by the life of Kandinsky and had no idea he had what we call synesthesia, where the senses trigger each other to hear colors, taste words, see music, or smell numbers.  
I have been enthralled with some abstract art for years now.  One artist, David Slonim, is a picture book artist as well, and I saw him at a Children's conference last August.  Take a look at his woodlands series, they are fabulous!
GrandPre's art in The Noisy Paint Box were created with acrylic paint and paper collage.  They capture the spirit of the time, his life and art amazingly.  There is so much to love about this book.  How the author relates his life and how he tried to live a proper life and just couldn't.  How the illustrator tried to paint what the teachers wanted him to paint but he just couldn't he had to paint how he felt and that art had to make you feel.  
This title will be great to use with elementary students.  Kindergarten and older should know about Kandinsky and his life and his art.  They need to know that art is art for art's sake.  It's all good. And the freedom to learn techniques but to apply them the way they want. Not to all paint or make the same stuff.

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