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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Snowman's Story by Will Hillenbrand is simply sensational!  His first wordless book captures the true essence of storytelling. He reels you in and carries you along until the last snowflake lands on the fox's paw.  I LOVE this story.  I am recommending it to everyone!  
The artwork was created with 6B graphite pencil, colored pencil, chalk pastel, pixels, china marker, crayon, ink, watercolor, collage, transparent tape, and kneaded eraser on paper.  They are full of action and life.  The winter scenes are breathtaking and a few are a little scary.  The characters are warm-hearted and full of cheer. And I seriously want to know what book they were reading because you know us librarians are going to have more than one customer ask us for the 'green book in the Snowman's Story' to check out.
There are tons of questions floating through my mind that I want to discuss with a class of kids.  Where did the hat come from?  When the hat landed on the snowman, does that remind you of another story?  - It's a good to make connections from one story to another.  How can you tell the story the snowman read was good?  Where you as scared as me during the cliff and going over the tree scenes?  Wasn't it great that the bunny just wanted to share the book with her babies?  Why didn't the snowman go in to the bunny's house to read the story?  What story do you think they were reading?
I am over the moon that I have my own signed copy of this title.  I will share this with classes, but I'm not too sure I will let anyone but a family member or close friend actually page through it.  I want it to stay nice.  I'll take the library's copy to the school with me.

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