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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Hooray for Hat! words and pictures by Brian Won is really about being grumpy.  Well, starting out grumpy and how a hat can make it all better. Well, really maybe it wasn't just the hat made it better, maybe it was getting a present made it better, the hat was the present. But another key ingredient is that elephant knew how to share.  He shared his hat with those he came across and his generosity made all the difference.
The art was digitally illustrated using real watercolor textures in Photoshop. Brian's process can be found, here. The animal's expression are made with a few lines, the shadows and texture are well done, and there is a great, free activity kit, here.
The activity kit encourages ways to make fun hats.  This is Brian Won's debut picture book and I expect to see more from him.  It's a great beginning.  This is such an upbeat story about friendship and sharing.
I used this title with Kindergarten students this week and they loved this story.  They were great at making connections and talking about expressions, feelings, and sharing.  

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