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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

The Night Tiger by Guido Van Genechten is the perfect book for children that have a hard time sleeping. It appears as if that tiger is back.  What shall we will do with him?  Where do dangerous animals belong? In the zoo, of course.  After locking the night tiger in his cage and putting the key under his pillow, the young man can go back to sleep.
The gorgeous art is done on very dark backgrounds with greens, browns, blues, and purples.  The drawings seem to be done with colored pencils. There are lots of other details in the background with the little boy and the tiger the only ones in full color.
I'll use this in Preschool Storytime and recommend it to children, parents, and teachers.  I think children with sleeping issues would appreciate this from preschool to second grade.

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