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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Special Saturday

For Today's post I have the honor of interviewing David Ezra Stein. His latest picture book, I'm My Own Dog was released in October and it's already been voted one of the best books of 2014 by Parents Magazine and I'm sure more accolades are to come.  It's a delightfully funny story about a dog who doesn't need anyone for anything, weeellllll, except for maybe helping out with that little, tiny spot on his back that he can't get to that needs scratching.

Hi David!  I'm so excited to have you here, Welcome!
1. What is your favorite season and why?
Hi Dianna. I revel in the spring! The colors are so vivid and the shadows are pinkish purple. I just realized that when doing watercolors outdoors this spring and summer. I also love fall. Color again. It’s wonderful for painting. Have you seen how London plane trees light up in the fall? Wow. It’s enough to make me run out of this interview and go paint.

2. What medium haven't you used that you're just itching to try?Stone. I really want to do some carving, and see the dust fly. Ever since I went to Florence and saw Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures there. Thanks for reminding me! I will have to look into it here in NYC. They used to let people help make gargoyles for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Isn’t that amazing? But I don’t think they do that anymore. I totally missed the gargoyle boat.
3. What animal do you want to use to tell a story with that you just haven't gotten to yet?
Hmm…. I’ve always meant to do a cat story, but it hasn’t happened yet. Bats and vultures are really interesting. Skunks. Porcupines. Possums. Wombats. Jelly fish. Sardines. But now I’m just getting silly.
4. Where do you want to visit that you haven't been able to visit?Japan. I have a bunch of friends there. I love how Japanese food is seasonal and so beautifully presented. It’s the epitome of care and intentionality.
 5. Whose story would you like to tell (famous or not) that you feel like you have GOT to tell their story?
My ancestors, who came to America from Russia and Hungary. As I get older, I feel a real need to connect with them and understand their struggles and courage. There is a story about my great grandfather buying an English dictionary with his first paycheck in America. I need to find out more about that.

Thanks David for being here!  I appreciate you sharing this information with us and the insight into your art and life. I wanted to ask a few out of the ordinary questions.
Wow!  What fun!  Be sure to check out David's website, here. And be sure to read I'm My Own Dog, I'm using it with Preschool to Third graders. David's line work was created using pen as well as a kid's marker hacked to dispense India ink; it was then photocopied onto watercolor paper. The painting was done in liquid watercolor, with a hint of crayon on the dog's nuzzle.

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