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Monday, November 17, 2014

Marvelous Monday

You Are Not My Friend, But I Miss You by Daniel Kirk is a learning to share book.  Sock Monkey thinks his friend doesn't know how to share very well, but then kinda works around to the idea that maybe he's the one that doesn't know how to share.  
The illustrations in this book were made with pen and ink, which were then scanned, and color and texture were added digitally. The flat ink and drawing against the incredible knit and material textures creates great depth.  The character development is right on.
I'll use this in Preschool Storytime and it will be a winner to use during Toddlerpalooza too. I'll use it with children from toddlers to Kindergarten.  It will be a terrific addition to 'sharing' books to recommend to parents and teachers.

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