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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Quest by Aaron Becker is the second book in the Journey trilogy.  And, if possible, it's even more fascinating than the first.  Or it's just drawing you farther and farther into the story, like a master storyteller does.  
The illustrations were done in watercolors, pen and ink.  I love pouring over the pages again and again to find more connection to the kingdom. I wanted to go back to the first book and read it again then read the second to find the different ways they relate and found that our copy was gone, so I have to buy another copy.  But I'll do my comparison later.  I recommend Journey and Quest to everyone, parents, kids, and teachers.  These books are just for everyone. This title is one of the best examples of a jE book. j for juvenile, and E for everyone. 
I admire how Aaron manages to know just how much detail to put in and when to leave it out. When he draws on a child's imagination with the unexpected and when he pulls it together with something so familiar, but still unforeseen.  I can't wait for #3.

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