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Friday, October 31, 2014

Fantastic Friday

Fall Leaves by Loretta Holland, illustrated by Elly MacKay is a delicious seasonal book with incredible art.  With a short description of what is happening like fall arrives, rain falls, leaves twist on one page accompanied by a stunning piece of art on the next page, this book takes place from the end of Summer to the beginning of Winter.  
The illustrations are made with ink, Yupo paper, light, and photography.  You can find out more from Elly's website, here. But in short, she paints with watercolors and ink on Yupo paper, which is plastic and then she cuts out the images and sets them up in her theater and photographs them to get the illustrations.  She does a marvelous job.  I've not seen anything quite like what she does.  I've used Yupo and it's fun, but I haven't done anything this elaborate.
I love her art.  I would like to see more diverse people, children in her artwork, because it is very important for children to see themselves in books, art, in everything all around them.  Children love dioramas and her art is fancy dioramas, so I know they'll love it too.  I'll recommend this Fall book to parents, teachers, and children.

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