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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Hula-Hoopin' Queen by Thelma Lynne Godin, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton brings back memories from my childhood so that makes it a Throwback Thursday book.  
The modern hula-hoop was invented in 1958 and I was never any good at it.  This story is about two girls that are in competition and about an elderly friends birthday.  Kameeka gets distracted from helping get ready for Miz Adeline's party preparations because she wants to be the Hula-Hoop Queen of 139th Street. 
The art was hand drawn and colored digitally.  The illustrations give more dimension to the story, although the story is outstanding.  
I'll use this book with Kindergarteners and older.  I can see using this with a group of kids to introduce a 'Hula-Hoop' day during our summer lunch program.  We're done with it for this year, but I'm always looking for ways to bring a story to children that will turn it into an activity and fun time.  I'm all about showing kids how to have fun with books and stories.  Reading for pleasure is key to getting kids to want to read and read and read.  I am also a big believer in children seeing themselves in books.  This has a diverse group of people in it and we need more diversity in books.

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