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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites

Kay Kay's Alphabet Safari words and pictures by Dana Sullivan is a lively quest for animals from A to Z in a friendly Kenyan backdrop.  The story starts when Kay Kay thinks the new walls of the school need some cheerful art to help the children learn their ABCs.  As he tracks down animals for inspiration, Kay Kay misses what is right under his nose.  The animals finally help Kay Kay see what has evaded him.
The art is watercolors and pencil. I applaud the wet-in-wet look to the trees, the elephant and hippo. In the scene where Kay Kay is painting on the wall, I admire the more detailed realistic animals on the walls and by the same artist is the neighborhood animals that are more jazzy and loosely drawn and painted. Being able to apply both styles is great.
I appreciate that there are familiar creatures and at least three I had to look up.  I love how Kay Kay is friends with every animal along the way.  It's an inviting story based on a real school in Bungoma, Kenya.  There is a glossary of English to Swahili words and sayings, an author's note, and map at the back. 
I'll use this title in my Preschool Storytime and with Kindergarten students.  It will be a terrific addition to our ABC shelf.  I will definitely recommend it to parents and teachers.

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