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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays

Even Monsters... by A J Smith is hilarious and cute.  I love that this will appeal to the little terrible twos but also to kids in Kindergarten.  What fun for little monsters everywhere.  And although monsters can roar, growl, and howl, they also get sad, hurt, and have to brush their teeth.
The illustrations in this book were cooked up using only the finest USDA organic ingredients; pencil scribble, acrylic splatters, cut paper, computer magic, and genuine, honest-to-goodness Crayolas!  The art is eye-catching and has great page turnability. I didn't catch it til the end that these two monsters are brothers.  No wonder they fight so much!  Teachers and librarians check out A J's website, here, for activity guides and lots of ideas for using the book and enriching the read.  I think this title will be a great addition to my monster theme that I like to do in October.  It's easier to stay away from 'Halloween' themes with great titles like this and have some monstery fun.

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