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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

Three Bears in a Boat by David Soman is a new tale with beautiful watercolor paintings. I simply love this book.  We have three siblings that break a precious item of their mothers and go to find a new one.  This tale is full of sweeping epic pictures of their journey, references to past literary jewels, and of course a female with a male nickname, a sure sign of a winner for me.
The watercolors are masterful. It's hard to pick my favorite, but I think the spread with the whales is at the top and the next page and the storm.  At first glance the art reminds me of David McPhail but just at first.  I like this story for its originality and for its readability, but I love it for how the text and art fit so well together.  It's simple and complex; it's familiar and new; and it's the perfect book to read aloud to a favorite child and savor all by yourself.

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