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Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

My Teacher is a Monster! by Peter Brown is most certainly a favorite.  No matter what Peter Brown does, it's a favorite.  Bobby is a rough and rowdy boy, and his teacher, Ms. Kirby is a teacher, but to him she's a monster.  She ruins all his fun, until they happen to meet in the park one weekend.  Spending some time together in the park helps them see each other differently.  
This will be a favorite among children preschool to third grade too.  We all think a teacher is a monster at some time.  
The illustrations for this book were made with India ink, watercolor, gouache and pencil on paper, then digitally composited and colored.  The art is amazing.  Peter's unique style is wonderful.  It's not the usual 'pretty' stuff I go for, but the art and story are so fabulous together that they make each other the best.  He uses a very geometric, flat style that speaks volumes to kids.  Find his teacher kit, here.

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