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Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Favorites

If Dinosaurs Lived in My Town by Marianne Plumridge, illustrated by Bob Eggleton is a great new addition to the j567.9 Dewey location.  This book has versatility.  It's longer than a normal 32 page picture book, but I would use it in Storytime.  Depending on the age in the group that day, I could see reading the first sentence on each spread.  But each spread also has a Dinosaur Factprint complete with information about the chosen dinosaur and a black outlined footprint.  This title could be used for school-age children up to 3rd or 4th grade with the informational text portion. I think this book will help students increase their imagination when wondering "What would dinosaurs do if they really did exist today?"  I used this title and several others on this topic this Summer with kids that came in for our free lunch and we had some fun drawings and speculation on how the dinosaurs would fit in.  
The art is spectacular!  It's a combination of paintings with digital photos inserted sot hat the dinosaurs are the painted part and the rest of the world is the digital art.  They work together well to imagine the old looking dinos in today's world. 

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