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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

The Shortest Giraffe by Neil Flory, illustrated by Mark Cleary is welcome story about Geri who was slightly short for a giraffe.  OK, he was way short for a giraffe.  The light humor in the text along with the colorful art gives a new meaning for picture day in the jungle.  You'll guffaw with the giraffes when they try so many different ways to get Geri up to their level for the photo.  I'll be curious to find out if the children will figure out how to get the picture taken before the caterpillar does near the end. I'll use this title with Preschoolers in Storytime and Kindergarteners.  For Early Literacy, talking about sizes, comparison, how people are alike and different, and solving problems are the first topics that come to mind to use with this book. 

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