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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wonder Wednesday

Monday, Wednesday, and Every Other Weekend by Karen Stanton is a lovely story about a boy and his dog who are getting used to two new homes because his parents are divorced.  Karen used love and care when telling about this difficult topic.  
The artwork was created with acrylic paint and collage on paper using old French math pages, Italian hand-marbled paper scraps, shopping bags and Go Book pages from Japan, antique Parisian wallpaper, tissue paper from a Chinese grocery, pages from old books in French and Spanish and travel guides and map parts from around the world.
I love the story and the art.  They work well together to bring about a bright, cheerful story of how hard it can be to get used to changes like this, when a family are no longer the same kind of family.
I'll recommend this to parents and teachers and use this with Preschoolers to Third graders.

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