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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

Bad Bye, Good Bye by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Jonathan Bean explores the tough topic of moving.  The featured family is moving long distance and it's a terrible day for the kids who do not want to move. There are understated phrases like 'Nice dog, Huge map; Smooth glass, Long nap'. It rhymes and the text gives a lot of room for children and parents to interpret their own situation.  The overlapping art done in ink and Prismacolor tone gives this story a ethereal feeling.  It also gives it that rare passing of time atmosphere. The front end papers are a dark evergreen, gloomy and moody.  The back end papers are sunshine yellow.  There is a lot of action in the background that looks like it was done in ink. The spreads are amazing when they show more than one scene at once, for example, the first exploration of the new house.
I looked around for an interview that explained the art process a little more and came up empty-handed for this book, so I sent off an email to Jonathan.  Then I tried again and low and behold, Jules at 7-Imp had an interview on March 25th. I don't know why when I first looked on her sight, it's my go-to sight for more info on artists, that I missed it.  But here it is, read and enjoy as Jonathan discusses his process in layers and layers and layers and layers.
I'm going to use this the first week of our Free Lunchsite at the library.  We're focusing on Space that week and we'll have a day of analyzing the idea of moving, with our topic of Space I think we'll have fun using the 'moving' idea with what we'll need to put a colony on Mars.  

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