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Monday, June 9, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Found by Salina Yoon is a sweet stuffed toy story.  Bear finds a toy bunny.  He tries to find it's owner by putting flyers up all over.  He starts to hope that he can keep the bunny when Moose steps in to claim 'Floppy' as his.  This story has an adorable ending and Bear and Floppy have a real bond.  Any child will identify with this title, if they've loved a plush toy at one tome.  
Salina does her current art digitally.  This book has a printmaking feel to it. The theme of friendship is strong in this story.  I'll use this in Preschool Storytime and with Kindergarteners. 
Background Knowledge is evident in this title.  For the other Early Literacy attributes you could sing a piggyback song to 'Found a Peanut'.  Parents and children can talk about the child's favorite stuffed animal; write a story about when they first received the toy, even act out, using Play, with their own toy all the things that Bear and Floppy did like riding a bike together, going on a picnic, or playing hide and seek.
Don't forget to Sing! Write! Read! Play! and Talk with your child today.

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