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Monday, June 2, 2014

Marvelous Monday

The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM by Erin L. Albert, illustrated by Pam Fraizer has a 'Jetsons' space feel to it.  This digitally illustrated story tackles the issue of more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math for females to study and excel in their careers.There's a few over the top pieces to the story like the fairy godfather.  But I certainly liked the effect his advice had on the princesses when he said, "Girls! No one is coming to save you - you must save yourselves!"  The plague on their planet is Ignorance, which gets explained in the glossary.  In semi-alphabetical order each princess is proficient in one or more categories.  Fiona, a forensic scientist, super-sleuths her way through a crime scene.  Princess Grace is a geophysicist; Lily is a laser and optical technologist; and Ruby is robotics technologist and designs her own robot.
At the end, there is a STEM Princesses Manifesto with eleven points of quality, a note from the author, and a glossary with an added note about the funding of the STEM Princesses project.
I like the cartoon art where each girl looks a little alien and a little bit like an earthling with lots of different skin colors.  There were no females with an obvious disability or extreme body size.  Being a fat girl myself, I like to think that any shaped or sized girl can have success in her chosen profession, STEM centered or not.  Since this book exaggerated the idea of girls in STEM field of work, it could have done with a little more acceptance of disability, shape and size.  But overall, the Princesses does a great job of putting the topic right up front and center.  I even learned a couple of new scientific terms myself.  Find the resource guide, here.

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