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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Flight School by Lita Judge is delightful!  Little Penguin wants to fly, so he goes to flight school.  As much as they try, Penguin does not fly on his own.  I love the soft watercolor and pencil art that captures the expressive characters of all the birds.  I like the surprise twist at the end. And I love those Goggles!!!!
I'll use this in Storytime and with Kindergarten through Second grade students.  I went to the artist's website and there is a call to teachers for lesson plans to use with Flight School, here. So I'm going to work on this, if you have any ideas, submit them!
Science is all over this book.  You can talk about how people fly planes using lift and thrust.  This could be an introduction on a study of birds.  You could talk about animals that are the exception to the rule, like penguins and ostriches don't fly.  Mammals that lay eggs, the platypus and echidna.  Tigers are the only cats that like water.  And the list could go on.  
I love the underwater scene, you could tie that into how water distorts images.  It doesn't go into how penguins are such good swimmers, you could work on a what happens next story when Penguin finds out he's a great swimmer.  Just some of my first thoughts.  I'm going to develop them and send them to Lita. 

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