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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Sally Goes to Heaven by Stephen Huneck is a graceful story about a dear pet that dies and what it is like in heaven for her.  This book is perfect to recommend to a parent or child that has lost a pet.  I love the sentiment and I know children all over will appreciate the loving care of this story.  The story is told straight forward and in simple terms.
The artist's note: "To create a woodcut print, I first draw the design of the future print in crayon, laying out the prospective shapes and colors. I then carve one block of wood for each color in the appropriate shape.  The result is a series of carved blocks, one for each color in the print.  After a block has been inked with it's respective color, acid-free paper is laid onto the block and hand rubbed.  I repeat the process for each color block.  When this process is completed, I then hang the print to dry."

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