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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Big Bug by Henry Cole is a simple picture book but it has some enticingly good perspective fun.  We start with a big bug, then we pull back and it's a little bug on a big leaf.  Pull back further and it's a little leaf on a big flower.  It goes back and forth like that throughout the book and I think it would provoke some good discussion with a child.  The next scene is a little flower and a big dog, but we still see the small leaf and bug.  Children will be intrigued by this title and I'm sure it will spark some natural dialogic reading.  That is asking your child 'what' questions and then expanding on those questions.  It would be a good time to use your eye spys and look around and find something 'big' and then pull back and see that it is small compared to something else.  Take a look at Henry Cole's website, here, to play a game.

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