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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

 When and Why Did the Horse Fly? Knowing and Using Question Words by Cari Meister, illustrated by Marek Jagucki is a dandy nonfiction book.  The font is big and easily seen with the speech bubbles. The story follows the plot of horse building a flying car.  Beaver comes along and has questions about this magnificent invention.  The digital illustrations are done in a friendly cartoon style.  
This book is so fun and friendly that I don't think kids will even realize that they're learning!
Other titles in this series, nonfiction picture books - language on the loose: Monsters Can Mosey: Understanding Shades of Meaning by Gillia M. Olsen, illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic.  Monster doesn't know how she should walk.  Should she prowl? Should she crawl? Hmmm, so many choices on describing exactly what she means. 

Frog. Frog? Frog! Understanding Sentence Types by Nancy Loewen, illustrated by Merrill Rainey is a hopping good time.  
It wasn't an ordinary family picnic, the Sentence family has a story to tell. It amuses and teaches. 
Whatever says Mark: Knowing and Using Punctuation by Terry Collins, illustrated by Russ Cox is an entertaining story about Mark who doesn't see the need for punctuation.  
Each title has an additional information page as well as a page for other resources for additional language learning.  I like this series.  I know teachers in my area will want to know about it.

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