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Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites

The Mermaid and the Shoe written and illustrated by K. G. Campbell is a delightful new fairy tale about a little mermaid that finds a shoe.  Minnow seems to not have the talents and gifts her sisters have, but her perseverance helps her find her way.  Minnow becomes a great explorer because she doesn't give up trying to find out what the pretty red thing is.  And besides an explorer, I think Minnow becomes a great storyteller too!  
The artwork in this book was rendered in watercolor and pencil crayon.  There is a limited muted palate of color that makes the red shoe stand out. I like the framework of seaweed, fronds, and other plant material that appears in many pictures.  
This title might be a bit too long for preschool Storytime, but it would work well with 5 year-olds and older. How fun would it be to imagine what other items Minnow finds and goes exploring to find answers.  I see lots more stories ahead for Minnow.  And I think a teacher or parent could have fun with making a scavenger hunt, have their children try to find the clues or riddles and then tell a story about it.  Hmmmm, maybe this would be a great after school program.  

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