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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

In New York by Marc Brown is picturesque, overwhelming, and amazing.  It's a tall book on the largest city by one of the most well-loved author/illustrators.  
If you can't go to New York City, then this book will be a great second best.  It's a tour guide to NYC and it has suggests of websites with addresses and places you don't want to miss.  I had to double check, and this isn't just a picture book of NYC, it's an informational text too.  A nonfiction book illustrated by the wonderful Marc Brown.
The illustrations were created with layers of watercolor and gouache on illustration board using brushes and sponges. I'm not surprised that he used traditional ways to work his magic.  And as my painting teacher would remind me, if I want to try something like this, I'll have to get my ruler out. I'll use this with school-age students, recommend it to parents, teachers, and children when they want info on New York City for a report or for a great guide if they are going to move or for a visit.

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