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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Following Papa's Song by Gianna Marino is a vibrant story.  The humpback whale father and child are going to travel to their summer hunting ground.  This warm tale is full of the wonders of the ocean and the parent/child connection. 
These mixed media illustrations were created with gouache and gum arabic on Saunder Waterford Watercolour Paper and mulberry paper.  The pictures are rich and deep with color and the paper gives an extra umph to the texture.  The glow of the pages is amazing.  I'm working with Masa paper in my painting class.  My teacher, Leslie White, is a master at it. Check out her blog, here. She has a tutorial on using watercolors with Masa paper.  
I'll use this story in my Smart Start Storytime, to encourage a child and parent to read together.  Parents will love to use this title with their children.  It portrays loving guidance for the child, even when they wander off, they'll listen and be able to find their parent.  This story would make a good transitional story on whale migration or any nonfiction research on whales.
Although the whole book is underwater scenes, no two spreads are alike.  I will pour over these pictures for hours, and wonder at how to achieve their level of intensity of hue.

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