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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

I Spy in the Sky by Edward Gibbs is a colorful tribute to birds with an Early Literacy twist. I say early literacy because the "I Spy" game is a good one to with young children when helping them learn colors, details, shapes, letters, sounds, you name it, the "I Spy" game can help.
This title is the latest one in his series of I Spy.  Each title has a selective focus. One is for pets, for under the sea, in the sky, and on the farm, and the first one is a mixture of animals.  These books have a die-cut circle around the eye so you're looking with your eye at the animal's eye.  Very clever Mr. Gibbs.  
The art is done digitally. I appreciate how he makes the first page where it says, "I spy with my little eye..." then gives some clue with the text, but also with the pictures.  On that page you see a shadowy outline of the bird and simple colors and shapes for it's habitat, but when you turn the page you see an explosion of color with the bird.  The bird is as large or larger than life and he uses black line for details and movement.  
With the way he works in the I spy this charming artwork becomes an attractive game of noticing details and problem solving with picture and word clues.  
This series of "I Spy" is a winner in my book.  Parents and teachers will love using this in the home or classroom.  I know I love using them in Storytime.

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