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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

Cat Says Meow and other an-i-mal-o-poe-ia by Michael Arndt is a very unique book.  It features animals and their sounds by incorporating the letters of the sound in the picture of the animal.  You can see what I mean from the picture on the cover.  It's so inventive with it's design. The animals are in one color and the words help design them with white and the one color for each animal.
I can see children, parents, and teachers using this with children to play with pictures and the words, sounding them out and hunting for the letters.
I think I would have tried to make the w in owl says hooo, with a W at the top of the head.  This book gets you thinking. With letters for eyes, ears, and mouth, you and your child will be making lots of animals with letters and experimenting for yourself.

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