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Monday, April 14, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Bear's Big Bottom by Steve Smallman, illustrated by Emma Yarlett is a fabulous forest animal book.  Especially Bear, he's the most Fab because he has this big bottom.  And when things go well, they're great, but Bear's big bottom does get him in some sticky situations.  His friends love him just as he is, but they do realize, that sometimes, Bear's big bottom gets in the way.  You'll have to read Bear's Big Bottom to find out how Bear used his big bottom to help save his other forest friends.
From reading an interview with the artist, it looks like she creates her art in a traditional way then scans the pictures and digitally manipulates them in photoshop. The friendly illustrations lend a helping hand to ratchet up the humor factor.
I'll use this title in my Early Literacy Class and recommend it to children and parents that love a great laugh.

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