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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fabulous Friday

Eye to Eye: How Animals see the World by Caldecott Honor Winner Steve Jenkins is a fab nonfiction book with fantastic art.  Jenkins explains that there are four kinds of eyes, an eyespot, a pinhole eye, compound eyes, and a camera eye.
With each spread there is amazing information about animals and their eyes united with some terrific torn and cut paper illustrations.
The jumping spider made me jump!  I love the panther chameleon and the tuatara, a reptile.  The colors of the paper and multi-layering of the papers brings together intriguing information with captivating creatures that just happen to be teaching you all about eyes.
This title will be used in Storytime, but it will appeal to all ages, especially school-aged children.  They'll be drawn in by the weird and wild pictures, then learn from this informational text.  It almost seems like a trick to have such wonderful art to capture kids attention and then bring on the real learning.  But it's so cool you won't mind at all.
Check out Steve Jenkins' website and watch how he makes his books.

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