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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Terrific Tuesdays

The Very First Kiss by Guido van Genechten is great parent & child book.  Different kinds of animals talk about who gave the first kiss.  But what is a kiss?  Some think it's hugging, bopping noses, or playing airplane.  Monkey knows what it is...with a great big SMACK! 
The pictures are done in gouache with touches of love and humor. I really like the zebra's butt bump and the elephants mud play, the pictures show lightheartedness and affection. You can get coloring pages from his website here.
I'll use this book with preschoolers and encourage parents and caregivers to use this sweet story.  When I use it in Storytime I'll take time to ask the children and parents what they do that is special for them.

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